KDF – Policy Conference

KDF Policy Conference 

For immediate release : 22 April 2019

Samual Jooste – KDF

The KAROO_Democratic_Force Policy Conference to be held on 27 April 2019 . This conference is planned in conjunction with its yearly programme.

The leadership of KDF believe the time has arrived to take the party to another level. With its growth it is important to put measure in place to steer the party in the right direction. Policies will be work-shopped and drafts will be presented by different stakeholders.

The leadership also believe that the Karoo Democratic Force is and will be the vehicle for politics and government for the Central Karoo and will most definitely become relevant  in the Western Cape as a Province.  It will remain relevant to the issues of the people on ground level. The Karoo Democratic Force believes that the gap between Government and the people is to big.   Its policies will reflect those of internal structures but also those of governance.

Bringing Government to the people.

The office of the Secretary General.

Samual Jooste 
Secretary General 
Cell : 0848788534

Isak Jacobs 
Deputy President and Chairperson

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