Province’s rainmakers threaten DA

A tattered KDF election poster in Beaufort Wes

Smaller political parties in the Western Cape believe they hold the key to a possible coalition government in the province after next month’s general election.

No opposition party currently believes it can win an outright majority in the only province governed by the Democratic Alliance (DA).

But they say there’s a strong likelihood that the DA could be brought below 50%, leaving the door open for a hung provincial legislature and the opportunity for coalition horse-trading to begin.

Parties with reasonable support in parts of the province’s Boland (Cape Winelands) and Central Karoo regions say they’re capitalising on voter disgruntlement with major parties such as the ANC and the DA.

The Independent Civic Organisation of South Africa (Icosa), a party that splintered from the ANC, has several councillors represented in municipalities dotted around the Boland, Karoo and Overberg regions.


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